THE HOME OFFICE IS HERE TO STAY Fridays at home have morphed into the workweek at home, so now is the time to make an investment in yourself and your business. If need be, think of it as reallocating your commutation and barista expenses. A dedicated workspace away from household distractions is essential as we embrace and roll with the new normal. There are hundreds of blogs on home offices. A few things they all embrace is the space should be shielded from distractions like television and snacks. The area should inspire you to be productive and positive, so how do we begin to build this oasis.

Your office space should be anchored by a strong functional desk, perhaps from Bungalow 5; they have great looking products with a budget-friendly price-point. You should obviously love the look of your desk, but you need to also keep in mind what you need to have on your desk. What kind of storage do you require? Will it all fit and allow you space for snacks and beverages?

Next your chair, you will spend hours in this chair, so it needs to be aesthetically pleasing and good for your posture. Take the time to sit in this chair and avoid the temptation to order a chair based on positive reviews. Goldilocks, did due diligence, and found her just right. I have many suggestions for different body types and different space allowances. Consider if you want your chair to roll or do you prefer your chair to be stationary.

Without question, your desk should have a lamp to provide task lighting and an extra glow. The right light is functional but can also be fabulous, for it can add texture and a personal touch to your workspace. The lamp in our mood board is glamorous and practical. If space allows, a unique chandelier is a timeless gem that you will be proud to have in any room now and going forward.

When approaching your new home office’s design, it is paramount to consider over and over the amount of time, you will spend in this space. It should be serene but reflect your personality, your passions, and your memories. It should look good in the many lights of the seasons and day. While dark and sexy might appeal to you, remember the office will be darker on shorter winter days; this will feel melancholy. One key to creating a soothing and calm space is to invite nature back into your room. This can be done by including real plants and natural fibers, perhaps on walls, windows, or rugs.

Soothing, peaceful colors in art and photography can create a space that inspires you to be your best self. Natural light , if the room allows, should flood the room. Finding natural woven window treatments is nearly effortless, and they will enable gentle rays of the sun to filter into the space. Be good to yourself and create a space that will allow you to work while feeling relaxed and inspired. After the year we all had, you deserve it .

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