Timeless Interior Designs Won Houzz “Top 10 Staircases” in 2019

There’s no such thing as a perfect room. I love working with natural light, complimentary colors, custom cabinetry, and well-appointed furniture to create the perfect space. My designs yield harmonious flow from space to space within your home.      – Eileen Colvin

Timeless Interiors are inspired by nature. Our transitional, minimalist style incorporates neutral colors, natural textures and natural light.

Our commitment to clients is timeless: to create a calm and inviting space.

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I am Eileen Colvin, founder of Timeless Interiors. I am a wife to an incredibly supportive husband and a mother to three beautiful, outgoing daughters. I have always embraced interior design since I was young. Taking a space and reconstructing it into something people can enjoy brings me great satisfaction. Much like solving a puzzle, every project has its challenges. It is my job to find the solution and create a harmonious space that reflects my clients personality and lifestyle.

The transformation of a space into something incredible and timeless, is my life’s purpose.

When I am not working, I am gathering with my family, painting, playing tennis, or exercising. I am easily inspired by the world around me. I find that taking a walk in nature with my husband, or playing with colors on a canvas, recharges my creativity. 3D Interior Design and playing tennis boosts by strategic mindset and engages my competitive side.

I believe when you change the design of your space, you change your life. It has been an incredible experience these last 16+ years, to see the world of interior design evolve. It has become more innovative, more creative, more complex, more beautiful.

Similarly, as people experience change within their own world, they too become more innovative, creative, complex, and beautiful. So, it seems very natural to me that when people are looking to make a significant, uplifting change in their lives, they start in their home.

Nothing brings me more joy than when my clients express how much they love their new space and how much happiness it brings them.

Eileen Colvin

Founder and Interior Designer

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